Siesta Key

Siesta Key

Founded in 1846, the key was home to primarily fish camps. After World War II, the low key attitude and gorgeous beaches of Siesta began to attract vacationers and new residents alike. Today, the key is home to about 15,000 friendly year round residents, and nearly twice as many “in season”. Siesta’s charming old Florida feel and southern hospitality has brought people to it’s shores from around the globe, adding to it‘s relished cultural diversity. A sunset stroll along Siesta beach will reveal the many beautiful languages spoken by it’s admirers.  Siesta Key boasts over six miles of almost pure quartz, powdery sand beaches. It is renowned for having the “finest and whitest” sand in world. Hugging the Gulf of Mexico, Siesta beach is not only soft on the feet, but on the eyes as well. The clear blue waters of the gulf allow it’s swimmers to watch as they squish the sand between their toes. Beach goers on a hot summer’s day enjoy warm gentle waves, and soft sand that stays cool to the touch. Siesta Key is also home to some of Florida’s natural landscaping and wild life. The key and its beaches are lined by wild sea oats, sea grapes, and mangroves that house many of Florida’s native birds, including exotic parrots. Dolphins and manatees can often be spotted playing off of the shore. As abundant as the wildlife are the many leisure and water sports activities the key has to offer. From water skiing, snorkeling and parasailing, to jet ski and boat rentals, there is something to suite every palate and age group. Siesta Key is the perfect location for beach bums and thrill seeking adventurists from every walk of life.  

Siesta village is the heart and soul of Siesta Key. The village, a thriving artist’s colony, is made up of over 150 shops and boutiques, award winning eateries, and island style night clubs and bars. It is from here that Siesta’s laid-back, tropical paradise ambiance emanates. Charming store fronts line the main street with neighborhood grocers and home goods retailers tucked in between. For those who wish to not leave their quaint new surroundings, the key has everything one needs just a short trip away.


The homes on Siesta, like it’s inhabitants are very diverse. Abundant are the Florida style beach homes one might suspect, but home owners have painted the island with homes of every shape and style. From Victorian motif, and modern day architectural wonders, to sophisticated palatial mansions, and everything in between. Whether one is in the market for beach front, or canal access, Siesta maintains over fifty miles of water front property. The one thing that every home on the key has in common is it’s intimate relation to it’s neighbor. This beautiful and desirable locale has made the land a precious commodity.


Siesta is a Spanish word which refers to the short nap taken in the early afternoon, observed by the Spanish cultures. The break, in concept, is to allow people to spend time with family and friends. In it’s native countries, during siesta, even shops and businesses are closed to observe this time in the day for people to appreciate what and why it is they work so hard. Siesta Key whole heartedly embraces it’s namesake. The key offers itself to those who have, and do work hard and like to play hard. The key’s exquisite setting is ideal for relaxing and enjoying life, but with all the amenities. The key is always open for business and pleasure. This inviting island welcomes all to it’s shores with open arms.

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