1417 16th St., Sarasota, Florida 34236

This was my first ‘flip’. A flip is when you buy, fix and then resell the home for a profit… hopefully. I prefer the term “recycled home’. I needed to have partners on this project for financial reasons  and I wound up with two partners. However I found the property and did all the negotiations, then managed all of the repairs and upgrades, then resold it. My partners and I split the profits equally even though I did all of the work. But it got me hooked on recycling homes. We purchased the property on April 2, 2014. It took 33 days to do all of the repairs and put it back on the market for sale. It took about a month and a half to get an acceptable contract and then we closed a little over a month later. All in from start (purchase) to finish (re-sold) the entire project took about 4 months.






Mostly just fresh paint with a color change and tidying up the original windows, etc.



Before - Fireplace

Before – Fireplace

After - Fireplace

After – Fireplace



Not much in the living room, mostly just paint, new windows blinds, etc.


Eat in Kitchen - Before

Eat in Kitchen – Before

Eat in Kitchen - After

Eat in Kitchen – After




As you can tell from this pic, the wall was in horrible condition. But we cleaned everything up and made it like new again. What do you think of the bar style swinging doors?



Kitchen - Before

Kitchen – Before

Kitchen - After

Kitchen – After


The kitchen cabinets were salvageable, but the plywood counter tops had to go. We topped the cabinets with a beautiful black granite, new black appliances, new sink and faucet.



Wood floors - Before

Wood floors – Before

Wood floors - After

Wood floors – After


These wood floors were 88 years old and were heart pine. I didn’t want to sand them down and ruin the patina so I had them chemically stripped and refinished. I think they turned out beautiful.